After a youth with Commodore64 and a lot of sports in the 1980s and 1990s, I made my passions computer science and mathematics to my profession. Even while studying computer science at the Technical University of Munich, I started developing concepts, formal languages and mathematical solutions in the field of IT. Consequently, this has resulted in several companies, which I passed on after a first active growth phase. My activities were always characterized by equal cooperation with other founders and team members, as this is a key to a successful, but also sustainable company structure.

Core areas of my companies were and are founded in the area of the Internet, ECommerce, SEO, Distributed Systems, Blockchain, Robotics, and AI. Since some years I put the focus more on knowledge transfer and try to reduce the entrepreneurial share.

I am currently the spokesman of Qubitica. You can contact me if you have business related questions about Qubitica. I am also responsible for funding projects and many IT related questions.

You can chat with me in our “Qubitica Lobby” at The lobby is available for everybody.